Our Services

From service of process to till taps to simple notarization, each service we provide is top-notch thanks to our friendly, professional staff and attention to detail. Our full line-up of services includes:

Process Service

Fast, reliable and effective service of process carried out by experienced process servers. Hard or evasive serves? We'll get 'em done!

Writs of Execution

We're one of Montana's largest levy firms. If you've obtained a judgment and Writ of Execution, just send it to us. We regularly perform the following levies:

  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Levies
  • Montana Department of Revenue (DoR) Tax Return Levies
  • Till Taps

If you have a Writ of Execution, but aren't sure how to proceed, just give us a call or send us an email!

Bank Sweeps

Would you like to have a Writ of Execution levied, but don't know where a person banks? No problem -- we can perform a bank sweep for you. You tell us what county you think the person banks in and for a charge we'll levy multiple banks in that county to try and find an account.

Notary Services

Convenient and accurate notary services to ensure that your important documents are legally binding.

Client/Server Login

Lee & Associates provides our clients and contractors with a full-service portal to track the status of documents and levies.

Contact Information
  • » Phone: (406) 324-7000
  • » Toll-free: (855) 324-7170
  • » Fax: (406) 324-7373
  • » Email: info@leeprocess.com